Hear what some of my previous clients have to say...

Thanks again for making our wedding so special. Greetings from Vanuatu! We are having the time of our lives. Can’t wait to share our photos with you
All our love
Lisa and Matt

Lisa and Matt (Postcard from the Honeymoon)

November 2009

You were by far the best choice we made for our wedding! You are Kind, understanding and so, so extreamly helpful!

You made our wedding so beautifully personal it was beyond belief. We had no idea it could be so beautiful!

You went to a huge effort to get to know us to do so! You were taking in things about us form the very moment you met us!

When you realised how close our little family is, you included our children. That means so much to us!

From other peoples weddings we gathered it was all basically the same! But you opened our eyes to this amazing amount of different ideas.
We truly believe without your help our wedding could not have been as special as it was!

We would like to thank you so much for being the amazing person you are!

Brendan and Sara

February 2010

Emma and I cannot express how thankful we were to have you as our
celebrant. You did an amazing job and we personally thought everything was fantastic. So many of our guests commented on how beautiful the ceremony was and asked who the celebrant was.

They thought it was beautifully written and spoken. My mates were a bit upset, because now their wives are at them why they didnt cry at their ceremony. Of course I only got sand in my eye.

So again we can only say thank you for the most beautiful, best
wedding I have ever been to.

Scott and Emma

April 2010

We wanted to send you a small token of our appreciation for all you did for us during our wedding time. You really went above and beyond what you had to do and we are truly thankful. Your help and hospitality made our trip to Queensland extra special!
The necklace has several symbolic charms .... Thank you so much Love David and Anna

David and Anna

May 2010

Thank you for your support and wonderful presentation of our wedding ceremony at the Hyatt.

Michael and I are really appreciate the time you took to create a unique and loving ceremony for us to share with our guests. We really appreciate your calm presence and supportive nature, especially when we didn't know what we really wanted in our ceremony apart from 'short and sweet'. Your initial draft of the ceremony captured the essence of what we wanted and assisted us by prompting what we wanted to flesh out.

I have suggested to all of my friends to utilise your servive. I hope to work with you again in the future for other significant events in my life.

Michael and Melissa

August 2010

The ceremony was perfect and we had lots of comments on how nice you were and how genuine you were as well. Erik wanted me to say a special thankyou for keeping him calm while waiting for me, he was very nervous and you helped him alot! We also managed to make quite a few people cry with the ceremony so you must have done a really good job!

You made organising the ceremony so easy and we can't thank you enough for putting our thoughts and feelings into words and creating something very special for us both.

Kay and Eric

October 2010

We'd like to thank you so much for the amazing job you did at our wedding. Guests commented on the fact it felt like you cared and were happy for us and didn't treat it like "just another wedding" and we couldn't agree more. We had a wonderful day and the ceremony was such a memorable part of it thanks to you. You helped calm our nerves and guided us through it all with great understanding and patience. We are forever grateful. Warm Regards Surya and Robyn

Surya and Robyn


A belated reply I know but it has taken me this long to get a few minutes to write back we have just gotten back from our extended honeymoon! Thank you so much for the day I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye or thank you properly. You were fantastic and everyone commented on how lovely and "normal" you were for a celebrant!! We had a fantastic day!

Matthew and Kate

March 2010

Dear Kim,
Thanks so very much for making Harrys day so beautiful. The time and effort you have put in is clearly evident.
Thanks so much my lovely
Danny, Liss, Grace and Harry xoxo

Elissa & Danny - Baby Naming

Janury 2010

Thankyou so much for being apart of our day, so many people commented on how professional, yet warm you are. You made me feel very comfortable standing in front of all those guests. Thankyou.

Terry and Heather

March 2010

I just wanted to say a big Thank you for being our Celebrant.

You made everything run so smoothly & organizing a wedding far from our home was quite easy with all your help.

The day was perfect we couldn't of asked for anything more.

Hope you like the pics,

Karla and Matthew

January 2010

Hello  Kim,
Thank you for your everything all you have done for us for less 2 months.

Thank you for the pictures!!  Those photo which you attached are wonderful!! I wanted to say that liked your outfit which is very cute and naturally fit the scenery.

I told some of the Australian friends about our original wedding which having an Aboriginal dancer, and nobody have heard that option.  We might be a pioneer of special Australian beach wedding coordinate.  haha. Thank you for your kind help for this.  He made it Amazing!!  That was the one we wanted to and it made our wedding super perfect! 

I am very glad that our guest and you didn't get sick or to fall senseless by heat stroke/attack.
I liked the rock table as well.  I liked your voice without through the microphone.  Thank you for accepting our request.  It was simple and all natural, that is why so beautiful.

Thank you very much again.

Ikuko & Martin

Ikuko and Martin

September 2009

Thank you so much for being our celebrant, you did such a fantastic job... I had so many of our guests all night saying how great you were, my aunty even said you were the best she has ever seen!!

Danielle and Chris

May 2010

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for everything you've done for us. Everyone enjoyed our ceremony so much, and I've had so many comments from people about how professional and exceptional you were so well done!

I sincerely apologise about the lack of organisation on the day, you handled the chaos so very well and you made things run so very smoothly!

My grandparents who came from England especially for the wedding LOVED the poem you included, and asked me for a copy so I photocopied it onto some pearlescent paper for them to take home to share with their friends!

Rebecca and Peter

April 2010

Dear Kim
Many, many, thanks to you, everyone was so taken with the service they were just blown away & said " it was the best they had ever been to".
 I have attched a pic for you but will send you more when we get the disc.
Thanks again Kim, if your ever back this way, please call around for a coffee.
Tricia & Shane xxooxx

Trish and Shane

October 2009

Wow Kim

I cried like a baby! It is so beautiful more then I ever imagined! Thank you.
The ceremony is so amazing! I am so happy and can't wait for the day.

Chae and Luke

November 2009

I have had so many comments from family and friends about how great you were on saturday! We certainly know we couldn't have done it without you and are so grateful xx talk to you soon xx

Kym and Matt (Joint Wedding & Baby Naming)

December 2009

Hi How are you. Wow you did such a wonderful job. Everybody keeps saying how good it was so thank you so much from both of us.

Faith and Adam

August 2009