Renewal of Vows / Commitment Ceremonies

Both the 'renewal of vows' and 'commitment' ceremonies can be quite similar to a wedding ceremony, but without the legal components. You are free to include whatever you desire as part of your personal ceremony. You can write your own ceremony or I have some sample ceremonies, which incorporate rituals that can make the celebration such as the Sand Sifting, Ring Warming, Hand Fasting, Rose and Wine Ceremonies.

The Ceremony

You may like to have a Butterfly or Dove Release, or include children, family and friends in a special way. I can share all these ideas with you during our face to face meeting, or I can email them to you if that's more convenient. There is no official certificate to sign, but a lovely 'Renewal of Vows' or 'Commitment' certificate will be provided. I can also provide Appreciation Certificates for those involved in the ceremony.

I believe that a Commitment Ceremony is a wonderful alternative to a legal Wedding Ceremony, for those couples who do not want to, or cannot have a legal ceremony, but would like to make an everlasting declaration of love for each other in the presence of family and friends.

Couples often choose to renew their vows on a significant anniversary or you may have recently married interstate or overseas and desire another ceremony for example on your first anniversary, in order to include family and friends who missed out the first time.