Baby Namings & Baby Dedications

These days there are many couples who prefer not to have a religious christening and a baby naming ceremony is a lovely alternative way to celebrate and commemorate the birth or the adoption of a baby or child.

Personalised Ceremony

As with a wedding, it is important to create a personal and meaningful ceremony that is as formal or informal as you wish. You can write your own ceremony or I have some sample ceremonies, which incorporate rituals that can make the celebration memorable, such as the Lighting of Candles, the burial of a Time Capsule, a Butterfly Release or Tree Planting or individual blessing’s spoken out loud by all attending. These ceremonies can involve the godparents, grandparents and if the new baby or adopted child has siblings, it is a thoughtful and bonding way to involve them in the ceremony.

I will provide a lovely Naming Certificate for the baby or child and can provide Certificates of Appreciation for siblings, grandparents and godparents.

Name giving's can be for babies and older children. You may wish to combine a ceremony with another occasion, for example a younger sibling’s name giving or even your own wedding. Name giving’s can be beautifully incorporated into a wedding day, and are usually conducted straight after the marriage ceremony. Sometimes children will change their surname on the marriage of a couple in a blended family, and this 're-naming' can also be a part of a marriage ceremony.

Dedication Ceremonies

Dedication Ceremonies are designed for families that have Christian Beliefs, and wish to bring up their child according to Christian standards. A Dedication Ceremony means you are not bound by any religious belief system or decree, service length, lack of choice in minister or pastor, or church ceremony setting.

A Dedication Ceremony acknowledges the parents role in guiding their child’s life to grow and develop an understanding of and personal relationship with God. Your family and friends form the 'congregation' and pledge to help raise this child.